Meet the Chicas

Chicas Elise and Cassidy are committed to helping you feel good every day of the month. Chica began as the startup dream of two teenagers, but the real entrepreneurial spark was kindled when Elise and Cassidy met in 7th grade gym class (just like Ben and Jerry, which can't be just a coincidence).

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Elise Morgan, Co-founder

Elise started to self-educate herself on loving her period when she was 14 after reading Cunt: A Declaration of Independence by Inga Muscio, inspired by Muscio’s thoughts on reusable period products, moon gazing, and abstaining from pain relievers. In college, Elise discovered intense cramping and hormonal acne beginning to arrive with her period. When Elise began searching for natural remedies, she reconnected with Cassidy over the herbs used in Chica. Elise is passionate about Chica Chocolate because she wants more people to be able to discover the power of herbs and feel more joy in their periods.  

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Cassidy Lam, Co-founder

Cassidy loved her period before she even got it. At least, she was jealous of the cool, grown-up 8th grade girls who already had to hide tampons from their dads. The actual getting-her-period-in-the-public-school-bathroom-during-world-geography changed that, and she has been relearning to love her period ever since. Through Chica Chocolate, Cassidy hopes to help tear down the stigma around the messy business of monthly bleeding, and make the world a more delicious place for everyone who menstruates.

Our Story


The seed for Chica was planted years ago by Marco Lam, Cassidy’s father, an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. Marco combined the needs of his patients, who forgot to take their unappealing herbs, with the needs of his friend, Gregory, who was working to get a chocolate business off the ground. With these two in mind, Marco decided to mix his herbal remedy for periods into jars of Gregory’s ganache to create Moontime Chocolate. We didn’t keep the name, but we have stayed with Marco and Gregory’s mission to use high-quality, ethically sourced herbs and chocolate to create Chica.


We started Chica because we were frustrated by the lack of natural options available to help us feel better during our periods. We didn’t hate our periods, but as full-time students busy juggling jobs, friends, hobbies, exercise; our periods were exhausting, annoying, and sometimes debilitating. We discovered that taking the herbs in Chica balanced our cycles, eased our symptoms, and allowed us to love our periods without suppressing them. Chica’s mission is to share an herbal remedy in a delicious chocolate treat to support your menstrual health.