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What if your period wasn't a source of suffering? 


Our mission: to help you reclaim your period experience.

At Chica, we infuse high quality chocolate truffles with a Chinese herbal formula chosen to promote hormone balance and ease your cycle. 

 We deliver every box directly to your door, making it easy and delicious to love your period, every day of the month! 

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Chica targets the root of challenging period symptoms by providing the support your body needs for natural hormone balancing mechanisms to function optimally. Chica customers have reported improvements in mood swings, PMS, cramps, acne, and enjoy a more regular blood flow, all of which are markers of a healthier cycle.

What is the secret of Chica?

An herbal formula inherited from ancient medicinal tradition

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Here's the star-studded cast of our powerful formula: Bupleurum root (chai hu/柴胡), angelica root (dang gui/当归), white peony root (bai shao/白芍), white atractylodes (bai zhu/白术), poria (fu ling/茯苓), honey fried licorice root (zhi gan cao/炙甘草), mint (bo he/薄荷), and ginger (shen jiang/生姜).  



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Ready for your first month of Chica?


Let The Chicas Speak

  • You're TOTALLY changing my experience of cramps - from being immobilized to barely there!
    — Customer
  • I usually know when I'm about to "come on" because I get an upset stomach. For the past two months my period has taken me by surprise because I didn't have the usual symptoms. The chocolates are delicious and have been a pleasure to eat every day.
    — Customer
  • I've had moderate to severe cramps since I was a teenager, and a whole host of other challenges with my moon. This was the first cycle that I remember when I didn't have to take ibuprofen for cramps and migraines with my moon. I still had cramps, but they were almost unnoticeable and they never set in with the mind-numbing pain and distraction they usually do. Hoping this isn't a fluke because it's AMAZING!
    — Customer
  • Chica Chocolate has made a significant difference in how I live with my period. I don’t feel debilitated for days out of the month, I feel like myself. I have recommended this to friends and I will continue to.
    — Customer
  • My skin did actually really clear up last month. Even though I don’t bleed my birth control doesn’t stop the hormonal stuff, and I usually break out. YOU’RE REALLY UPPING MY HOTNESS.
    — Customer
  • Since taking Chica chocolate I have zero pms symptoms, and noticeably fewer during my period.
    — Customer
  • For the first few months of taking Chica Chocolates I didn't see much of a difference, but for the past 2 cycles, now I'm at the 5 month mark, my flow is lighter, my cramps are less intense for less time, and my skin looks great! One of the best parts of CC is how delicious they are, so I eat them in the evenings during PMS instead of junk!
    — Customer
  • I love Chica Chocolates, I have noticed a significant difference in my mood and my cramps. I am happy and calm, and cramps that have been crippling before are barely there! I've already recommended to others, I will definitely continue using Chica Chocolate.
    — Customer
  • I've noticed a huge difference in the effects of my period since starting Chica Chocolates, it's fantastic.
    — Customer



Periods should be treated with the respect they deserve, so that everyone who bleeds can feel like themselves every day of the month. 


 We started Chica so all menstruators can have access to a hormone-supportive option for addressing their period symptoms.  

Elise & Cassidy

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The Chica Blog

Catch up on our letters between cofounders as we reflect on starting Chica, periods, and current events.