The Period Pals Project is committed to advocacy, education and service in the menstrual movement, as well as making menstrual hygiene more accessible to those in need and empowering our community. We provide a one year supply of menstrual products offering pads or tampons with the option of alternative products such as period panties or cups. In addition, we provide free pads and tampons in the bathrooms of BVSD public high schools and middle schools. 

Chica is proud to know Denise and Jubee, the mother-daughter team running The Period Pals Project in Boulder, CO. We encourage you to take a moment to donate. Menstrual supplies are expensive, and tampons have an additional luxury tax. Every month, many people in our community must skip school or work because they cannot afford menstrual supplies. People who cannot afford hygiene products have a high risk of infection because they often turn to using other materials such as dirty socks. 

Chica is committed to donating $130 every month - enough to sponsor 10 respective one-year-supply bags. Learn more about the Period Pals Project