When we started Chica, we wanted to be sure that Chica was tasty and worked for people besides ourselves. Both of our moms were already into the foray of menopause, so we reached out to our larger community. By the start of the summer, we had gathered a randomly chosen group of 48 Chica testers. 

In the first month, most of their boxes melted in transit. 

In the second month, we had figured out the trick to packaging chocolate, and everyone was able to enjoy their first true month of eating Chica. 

The results were in! Through a survey that we asked each person to fill out, we gathered that 62% of our Chicas were reporting an improved period experience. This was decided based on whether or not they reported a decrease an a 1-10 scale in at least two symptoms associated with their period experience. 

In the second month, our Chicas showed even more positive response, and we saw 93% of Chicas report a happier period. 

Following the second month, we consistently saw around 90% of the group reporting a happier period.

Chica is not guaranteed to reduce any particular period symptoms. Everyone experiences their own changes - therefore it is important to pay attention to your body and appreciate the cumulative benefits of enjoying holistic herbs over time.