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The Chica Manifesto

Periods should be treated with the respect they deserve, so that everyone who bleeds can feel like themselves every day of the month. We started Chica so all menstruators can have access to a hormone-supportive option for addressing their period symptoms.

We started Chica because we were frustrated by the lack of natural options available to help us feel better during our periods. We didn’t hate our periods, but as full-time students busy juggling jobs, friends, hobbies, exercise; our periods were exhausting, annoying, and sometimes debilitating. We discovered that taking the herbs in Chica balanced our cycles, eased our symptoms, and allowed us to love our periods without suppressing them.


Elise & Cassidy

Chica Cofounders 


The Chica Blog 

Catch up on our letters between cofounders as we reflect on starting Chica, periods, and current events.

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