Feeling Young and Dumb

Happy Monday, earthlings. This week, we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with a brief update on the latest: we are young and dumb! And we are so grateful for our Chica community as it grows with us. 

Image: Kirstin Smith

Elise: Dear Cass, 

I recently signed off an email to a customer (who is also a friend) with:

Feeling young and dumb, 


I was writing to let her know that I had just realized I had failed to follow through on a promise I had made while abroad. I owed her a new Chica Box because she let us know that our truffles are not shelf stable for as long as we previously believed. (Heads up, we don't need to stress about being shelf stable because we are not sold in stores - just make sure to store your Chica in a fridge or freezer before your Chica week begins). We let all of our current customers know about the incident and offered to replace any other boxes. It is moments like this that make me really appreciate that we are small and supported by customers who are passionate about Chica and believe in us. 

I always want to share Chica with as many people as possible, but I also want to work for our goal of creating a scalable, sustainable company. Slow growth can be a strength, it does not have to be a sign of weakness. I'm grateful for the community we've built and can't wait to meet the other amazing people who will come into Chica.

Feeling warm and fuzzy, 


Cassidy: Dear Fuzzy,

Young and dumb. A pretty good mantra, with a distinctly Breakfast Club flavor. It makes me feel like I should be hanging out behind the dumpsters at my high school, wearing too much eyeshadow and crooked roller skates. Not running a business.

But how often do I feel young and dumb while trying to run a business? Pretty much always. This is something that scares me a lot, because I want my business self to be better than my personal self–and to maintain that I have to somehow construct two separate identities. How to prevent my insecurities from bleeding into my work, curdling it, turning it sour? How can I be me while also being Chica?

For me, this fear has obscured the advantages of being young and dumb. But being young and dumb can be a powerful state of being! We are surrounded by mentors. We are expected to make mistakes. And we have the resources to be more flexible than many of the VIPs we admire. It’s almost the perfect combination for entrepreneurship, as long as we can harness our mistakes and learn from them.  

So here’s to being young and dumb. And building something that works, something that is dynamic and powered by feedback from our customers.

Feeling excited,


Chica Chocolate