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Hey! We believe in the power of Chica to change your menstrual cycle. 93% of existing Chica customers notice a difference in the first three months of eating Chica, and we want to include you in that number. (Read our testimonials below!) Here is a proposition - we want to support you in having the best period experience, and to make this possible, we are sharing three months of Chica Chocolate for the price of two. In truffle math, you are receiving 36 herbal chocolate truffles for the price of 24. We will be offering this sweet sweet (pun intended) deal until the end of January. Enjoy one free month of Chica with this limited time offer!  

Three Month Chica Box
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Chica Chocolate includes an herbal formula that supports hormone balance, nourishes blood, and even tells the unpleasant parts of your period to not come back. Our herbal formula is derived from hundreds of years of Traditional Chinese Medicinal knowledge and, while it tastes quite awful on its own, blends deliciously into dark chocolate. Chica Chocolate truffles are handcrafted and vegan, your perfect period indulgence.

One Month of Chica:

“I'm usually pretty incapacitated on the day before my period, but this time I had no back pain (something I've had with PMS for years and was worsened by a spinal injury) and was not depressed or melancholy. This time, it felt a lot less like my period was something that was happening to me that I had no say in. The few cramps I had were undramatic. I'm excited to see the effects of continued use when it was this effective after one month!”

Two Months of Chica:

“I love the chocolates and can see a difference in my skin and blood flow and color. No cramping and great improvement with mood!”

Three Months of Chica:

“So, dark chocolate and holistic medicine all in one perfect piece of tasty goodness? Chica is amazing. My cramps have been noticeably better ever since I started eating these as directed. Everyone who has a period should try these.”


Organic 72% Dark Chocolate (organic unsweetened chocolate, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter), Organic Coconut Cream (organic 60% coconut extract, water), White Peony root, Poria fungus, Dong Quai root, Atractylodes Alba rhizome, Ginger rhizome, Bupleurum root, Mint leaf, Licorice root; other ingredient in herbal formula: potato starch. Contains: tree nuts. Processed in a facility that also processes soy, peanuts, tree nuts, milk and dairy products.